Why Oxford Elite Tuition?

Oxford Elite Tuition is a specialist language agency providing English courses for international professionals.

Each tutor is carefully selected, highly qualified and trained to be sensitive to the needs of the clients.  The focus is on the development of the client’s language skills and this is achieved by monitoring progress daily, identifying weak areas and then correcting mistakes.

Our clients are specialists who must develop their English language skills quickly.

They are busy, successful achievers who need to communicate in English at a professional level.

Some clients want to improve just their accent and widen their vocabulary for a particular discipline; others are professionals that need to feel confident when they speak because their work demands it.  They need the fluency that practise offers.

Whatever your reasons, we will invest the time to talk through and specifically define your needs.

When your tuition is finished, together we will plan the next stage in your English language development.  We want you to leave totally satisfied and will do everything we can to achieve this.  But we also know that the good work you will have completed is part of your desire to speak English fluently, so we will help you achieve this goal as best we can.

And that is a promise.