Students are guided by experienced tutors on individual areas of importance

Our tutors aren’t average – they are among the best in the industry. Each student is carefully assigned a selected tutor, who is skilled in guiding students and who best suits the student’s learning style and objectives.

All of our tutors are highly qualified in teaching English and we demand consistently high standards from them.

tutors must meet the following requirements:

  • TEFL Qualification & CELTA Qualification
  • a university undergraduate degree
  • at least 2 years’ experience (average of 5 years’ experience)
  • 2 face to face interviews with our Director of Studies to assess suitability
  • tutors are internally assessed 3 times per year

Furthermore, tutors are reviewed weekly by students through our student feedback process. Students are approached for feedback early in the week so that any issues can be resolved quickly and effectively with minimum impact on the student’s learning schedule. In the unlikely event that a student remains dissatisfied after the initial consultation, the Director of Studies is always available to help further if necessary.