Mini Group Lessons

Dynamic learning environment for developing language proficiency

Our group programme comprises a variety of different sessions designed to develop students’ language proficiency in both spoken and written English.  The programme includes:

  • kick-off plenary session each morning during which students prepare and deliver a presentation on the news of the day
  • group lessons (with a maximum of four students per class) covering, for example, practice in language structures and vocabulary development, grammar exercises, practice in writing letters, reports and emails and listening exercises
  • team project work generally requiring students to conduct research on a particular topic and to produce a written report or give a formal presentation
  • workshop sessions focusing on the individual’s language fluency and boosting confidence in group communication scenarios
  • teacher guided study

The group programme provides an ideal environment in which students can learn from and interact with other students of a similar standard. The bulk of students’ learning will take place through group lessons, for which students will be grouped with other individuals of similar linguistic capabilities and similar learning objectives. The group programme is designed first and foremost to help students to develop language accuracy, but it is also instrumental in helping students to overcome their inhibitions and to become more confident when communicating in English.

We understand that different students learn best in different ways, which is why the group programme utilises a range of teaching techniques. Group sessions employ the latest multimedia including DVDs, iPods and television to keep students fully engaged with their learning schedule.

Students may choose whether to undertake the group programme on its own or to combine group sessions with 5, 10 or 15 hours of one-on-one private tuition per week.

The timetable below illustrates a typical school day but is subject to change:

Day starts at 08:45

Plenary Session – News Review  (15 minutes)
Pre-lesson preparation  (30 minutes)
Group Lesson: accuracy of grammar and lexis  (60 minutes)
Pre-lesson preparation  (30 minutes)
Group Lesson: comprehension and expression  (90 minutes)
Group Project  (30 minutes)
Spoken Performance Workshop  (60 minutes)
Masterclass: teaching guided study  (60 minutes) OR Tutorial (60 minutes)
Tutorial (60 minutes)

School day finishes at 17:45