About us

Every client is assigned a Personal Assistant who will answer all your questions and take care of any other arrangements you require.

Our Services

Oxford Elite Tuition is a language school agency, providing specialist English courses to business executives and embassy staff, as well as lawyers who have attended top international universities. The courses are taught through individual (one-to-one) lessons or Mini Group (maximum 4 students) classes. This intensive approach delivers excellent results, enabling clients to communicate in English with elegance and accuracy.

The Schools

Oxford Elite Tuition work with a carefully selected group of schools that meet our exceptionally high standards. All schools that work with Oxford Elite Tuition share our philosophy for achieving the most effective English language training; intensive One-to-One or Mini Group courses taught by experienced teachers that are experts in their fields.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to give our clients sufficient confidence to never be at a disadvantage among other English speakers.